Special Event Permit

Special Occasion Liquor Licenses picture

A Special Event Permit (SEP), formerly known as a Special Occasion Liquor License, is required for anyone planning to sell liquor at any location that is not licensed or anyone planning to serve or sell liquor in a public space.  For more information about SEP, visit the BC Liquor Control and Licensing Branch website or call 1-855-999-7656.

The Cariboo Regional District Board is required, by regulation, to consider all requests for Public Function Special Event Permits (SEP).  All applications, approvals and monitoring for SEP must be done online at specialevents.bcldb.com. This site will provide 24/7 access for all applicants.  Please note approval from all property owners or operators of the facility where the planned event is taking place must be obtained prior to submitting your application online.

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