South Cariboo Area Official Community Plan

The current Official Community Plan (OCP) for the South Cariboo Area was adopted on Feb. 8, 2019.  The previous Plan was adopted in 1996. This guiding document outlines community values, aspirations and perspectives for growth within the South Cariboo Area. Some of the issues addressed include economic development, agriculture policy, shoreland management practices, environmental protection and climate change.

Here is a map of the area the South Cariboo Area OCP covers. To access a printable version, click HERE.

About the South Cariboo OCP

The Community’s vision for the South Cariboo Area reflects its aspiration for the future. The vision involves principles for sustainable development, managed growth, respect for the environment and strong communities. The community vision for the South Cariboo Area is:

Amidst a spectacular natural setting, the South Cariboo Area is home to healthy and prosperous communities of all ages. It models how sustainable agriculture, forestry and tourism can drive a strong, connected economy.

The policies presented in the South Cariboo OCP are structured to address the following goals:

  • Maintain a rural character within the South Cariboo OCP Area.
  • Protect watercourse health by planning for the development of environmentally safe land uses in order to minimize pollution.
  • Work with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to ensure a road system that is safe
    for both vehicular and non‐vehicular traffic.
  • Ensure the level of commercial and industrial activities within the South Cariboo OCP Area meets the needs of the rural communities and is compatible with the scale and rural character of each one.
  • Protect and encourage agricultural activities on land with agricultural potential, in particular within the Agricultural Land Reserve.
  • Minimize land use conflict by planning for compatible adjacent uses which respect the scale of
    their surroundings and are compatible with its visual character.
  • Promote an active and healthy community by providing sufficient recreational opportunities to
    meet the needs of the residents and communities.
  • Encourage the recognition and protection of the South Cariboo's historical character.
  • Maintain an ongoing dialogue with the various provincial agencies on issues which have the
    potential to adversely affect people, habitats and the land within the South Cariboo OCP Area.

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