Home-Based Business

Thinking of starting a business in your home? Did you know that the CRD's Zoning and Rural Land Use Bylaws apply to all properties within the CRD, and provide opportunities within the commercial and industrial zones for almost any business enterprise you can think of? Residential and rural zoned properties also contain provisions for home-based businesses.

Home-based businesses are broken into two categories:

  1. Home Occupations
  2. Home Industries

Home Occupations are permitted in all residential and rural zoned properties while Home Industries are permitted in most, but not all, residential and rural zoned properties.

Regulations pertaining to Home Occupations and Home Industries are similar, except for the number of employees not living in the residence, the amount of floor area devoted to the home-based business, and whether the home-based business must be confined to the interior of the residence or located in an ancillary building, such as a garage or shop.

Some examples of business ventures that qualify for a Home Occupation or Home Industry are professional practices, hairdressers, childcare facilities (10 or fewer children), furniture making, and ceramic manufacturing. These businesses are intended to operate on an individual client basis only. Businesses that do not qualify as a Home Occupation or Home Industry include second-hand stores, grocery stores, auto wrecking, and heavy equipment repair.

Before starting a business from your home, the CRD encourages you to contact the Planning Department first to discuss your proposal. The Planning staff will verify whether your property's zoning supports your idea, and advise you of regulations that may apply, particularly building inspection.

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