Property Tax Notice

During the month of May, you will receive your property tax notice. If you are a rural property owner of the Cariboo Regional District, your tax notice is sent to you from the Surveyor of Taxes in Victoria. The Province collects your school, rural, and CRD service taxes, and then pays the CRD a lump sum payment in August. CRD staff never sees an individual property owners' tax notice.

CRD Services

The CRD provides tax information to the Surveyor of Taxes for local government services provided within the region. Most of the items listed under "Local Service Taxes" are collected for the CRD. The exceptions are the BC Assessment Authority tax, the Municipal Finance Authority tax and policing.

Where services are provided to a specified area, such as fire protection, a separate line item will be shown on your tax notice. Most of our regional services are grouped together and identified under the line "Cariboo RD". Regional services include administrative services; bylaw enforcement; general government; grants-in-aid; regional land use planning; rural refuse; solid waste management; and weed control. Except for library services, all taxes are collected on both the assessed value of land and buildings.

The library tax, found under the line "Cariboo Reg (I), is the only service where tax is calculated on the assessed value of your buildings.

Hospital Services

Currently, there are two Regional Hospital Districts. In 1996, the Ministry of Health adjusted the boundaries of the hospital regions. The old Cariboo Regional Hospital District has incurred debt for capital and equipment projects, which is owed to the Municipal Finance Authority. Once this debt is fully paid, the Cariboo Regional Hospital District will no longer exist. All current capital and equipment projects is paid for through the Cariboo Chilcotin Regional Hospital District.

If you have any tax notice questions, please contact the Cariboo Regional District Chief Financial Officer at (250) 392-3351 or 1-800-665-1636.

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