2017 CRD Wildfires Overview

This video shows the progression of evacuation alerts and orders along with the wildfire perimeters in the Cariboo in July, August and September 2017.

Visit the EOC Archives to find information about the alerts and orders issued during the 2017 wildfire season.

EOC Status

Our Emergency Operations Centre is currently inactive as there are currently no evacuation alerts or orders within the region.

For more information about restrictions and bans put in place by the Cariboo Fire Centre, please call 778-799-2101.

For more information regarding the Agri-Recovery program, please call 1-888-332-3352.  For any other concerns regarding the removal and transport of livestock, supply or feed and recovery in the agri-business sector please contact the Ministry of Agriculture at 250-398-4504.

For all other inquiries, please call 250-392-3351 or toll free at 1-800-665-1636 during regular business hours.

CRD Searchable Map

Use the CRD searchable Evacuation Orders and Alerts map to search for your property by entering your street address in the top right corner. If your property is highlighted in red, it is in an evacuation order area. If it is highlighted in orange, your property is under an evacuation alert. If the search does not recognize your address, you can still focus in on your property by finding it geographically.

The map now includes the perimeters of wildfires in the area.

NOTE - Expect a delay of up to an hour when new orders or alerts are published, as it takes some time to update this service.


- Fire perimeter information is preliminary only and must not be relied upon as an accurate depiction. Areas within the fire perimeter shown may not have experienced fire. Areas outside the fire perimeter shown may have been burned. 

- The aerial photo that you see in this map is NOT current, and this map is not intended to help you verify the current condition of your property.

- The address search function (a Bing Maps service) sometimes focuses the map on a point that is not the exact location of the home in question. Please confirm geographically that the search has directed you to your home.

Please click this link to open the application: HERE 

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