In May of 2014, the curbside garbage collection service for the 108 Mile Ranch changed to an automated system and curbside recycling was added to the service.

The new recycling service was made possible by partnering with Multi Material British Columbia (MMBC), the stewardship agency responsible for residential packaging and printed paper in BC. The CRD receives a financial incentive from MMBC to provide the recycling service. With the introduction of the automated recycling service, the existing garbage collector contractor was able to utilize the new automated collection truck for garbage collection as well. This means they no longer have to hand-throw 1,100 homes worth of garbage each week.

Garbage collection will occur weekly on Wednesday and Thursday as shown in the 108 Mile Ranch Curbside Collection Map at the side bar.

Refer to the 108 Recycling Guide in the side bar for details of the recycling service. Recycling will be collected every other week, as indicated in the 108 Recycling Guide.

A full list of recyclable materials, including curbside and depot drop off items are presented in the Materials List in the side bar. Please note that glass, plastic foam packaging (styrofoam) and plastic bags are depot drop off items only and are not accepted in the curbside program. Please refer to the FAQ sheet in the side bar for an explanation.

Totes will be re-placed by the collector at the location in which they should be placed for pick-up the following week. Please make note of the locations and use them weekly. The collection arm on the automated vehicle requires ample space to operate; therefore, on the weeks that both totes are set out, the totes must be placed at least three feet apart from each other.

If you would like to be placed on an email distribution list for updates to this new program, please email  with "108 Mile Curbside" in the subject line, or for more information contact the CRD's Environmental Services Department.

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